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Day 68: The Crucifixion

Passage: John 19:1-42

It somehow seems wrong to be trying to put any words to this story.  Part of me just wants to copy and paste the verses and leave it at that.

So may characters…but only one character!
So many stories…but only one story!
So many opinions…but only one that mattered!

In among all that happens here I get drawn back to Jesus’ words to Pilate “you would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.”

God could have stopped this, but he didn’t.  God could have found another way, but he didn’t. Jesus could have refused to go through with it, but he didn’t.

Power that the Jews and Romans didn’t understand but we’ve been allowed to understand.  An act of PURE love that we’ve been allowed to appreciate at some level.

Paid In Full!



Day 67: Arrest & Trial

Passage: John 18
Key Verse:
“Knowing everything that would happen to him, Jesus went out and asked, ‘Who is it you are looking for?’” 18:4

Jesus knew what was coming.

We can’t even begin to imagine the anguish he must have been in, yet I can’t help but wonder what hurt him the most at this point – the ropes tying his hands together, the fist of a guard, the jeers of a crowd…or the betrayal of two of his closest friends.

Jesus knew what was coming.

Judas.  He knew this man would hand him over to those who hated him most, yet he still loved him and had accepted him into the inner circle.

Peter.  He knew this man would deny three times that he even knew Jesus, despite the fact that hours earlier Peter had cut off the ear of a soldier in Jesus defence.

Yet the outcome for these two men was so completely different.  One hung himself in shame.  The other went on to be one of the founders of the early church.

What was the difference?  How they dealt with guilt.  One wallowed in it and couldn’t find a way out.  The other grieved it, but repented and accepted forgiveness from Jesus.  One couldn’t move on from their mistake, the other made a choice to learn and grow from it, with Jesus help.

Let’s face it; we all face the guilt of sin every day.  The shame of letting Jesus down.  How do we deal with it?

Do we believe that ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.’ (1 John 1:9)?

Do we believe it in our hearts as well as in our heads?

Jesus knew what was coming.

Yet he still went through with it.


To deal with our guilt, once and for all.

Day 66: The Last Supper

Passage: Luke 22:1-46
Key phrases/verses: “my body given for you” 22:19 and “my blood, which is poured out for you” 22:20

This chapter paints such a vivid picture of the process of events leading up the capture of Jesus, his last meal with his disciples, and the anguish of the Mount of Olives. But lets not allow this to be a historical account or just a remembering of the story but could I ask that today you allow two phrases Jesus uses to rattle around your head all day.

“my body given for you”  and  “my blood, which is poured out for you”



why these words?

what does this mean?

and what is your response to this?

what do you need to say to God TODAY in light of the words and actions of his Son?