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Now that our E100 Journey is finished why not take time to review and look back at some of the reflections on this blog. Look back and reflect on what stands out to you.

Also, feel free to share some of your own reflections on what struck as you walked through God’s Big Story.


E100 Challenge

Can we say a HUGE THANK YOU for joining with us as we have read through these 100 readings of the Bible – touching down with familiar stories as well as wresting with some hard passages.

Through out it all we have seen the unfolding story of God, the story we are invited to take part in!

We have much to give thanks for yet also there is now the challenge to live out what we have read.

That is our prayer for each of us that we would live out Gods great story.

“To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy— to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.” Jude 24+25

God Bless

Helen and Rick

Day 94: Faith & Works

Passage: James 1:1-2:26
Key verse:  “Do not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word; instead put it into practice” James 1:22

‘Coke…’s the real thing’.  A well known drinks company used this slogan to differentiate its product from its rivals.  In his letter James challenges us – is our faith the ‘real thing’ or are we content with an inferior version which will have little or no impact on those with whom we have contact with?

In these verses James highlights the value of prayer (1:5-6) and the Word (2:8) but the challenge is does this communion with God change us sufficiently to move us to action?  If we step out of our comfort zone and put our faith in God, we can be transformed from passive, cold, complacent Christians to be channels of God’s love.  That small kernel of faith will begin to grow and draw us and others closer to our Heavenly Father.

“We live by faith and faith lives by exercise” William Gurnell

How are you going to exercise your faith in the Lord Jesus today?


Day 59: The Good Samaritan

Passage: Luke 10:25-10:37
Key Verse: “Jesus replied: “Do this and you will live”

Jesus taught as much by how He lived as by His teachings.  The expert in the law quoted the words, the Shema, which daily Jesus, as a Jew, recited in prayer.  These words were not formulaic.  The Son of God modelled a relationship with His father, God, which was positive and inspirational.  He gave Himself; His heart, soul, strength and mind, to God daily, because he believed that God was worth commiting himself to with the whole of His life.

What an example!  This is Jesus’ answer to the question about how to be sure of life, eternal life. Do I love God in this way?



We are taking a brief pause in our E100 journey and blog just for a few days now that we’ve reached the end of the Old Testament. We will kick back in to things on Monday with the start of Matthew.

Use this time to catch up. Time to reflect. Time to look back. Time to ponder.

Here are some questions to help you with that:
:: What overall themes have you noticed throughout the story so far?
:: What new things have you discovered about God’s character?
:: Has anything stood out to you for the first time?
:: What might God be saying to you through that?

Feel free to share…we’ll be back soon!!

(And in the meantime please do share this blog with your friends & online community – it would be great to have new people join with us as we kick off our journey through the New Testament!)

Day 4: God has not forgotten

Passage: Genesis 8 – 9:17
Key verse: “When I see the rainbow in the clouds, I will remember…” Genesis 8:16

God reminds and confirms Noah of his Covenant – his promise with him. Not only does God make this covenant to Noah but the NLT version says that God makes his covenant with Noah and with all Living Creatures.

The passage doesn’t give us much insight into Noah’s emotions during this ‘cruise’ experience or maybe it was more like the sea-cat across the Irish sea in the middle of winter.. However as I read and reflect I have lots of thoughts and questions…

A journey of faith, obedience and worship…
Labeled the ‘village idiot’ the ‘crazy one‘ and yet experiencing and seeing mind altering, world shaking things.

How would you / I handle being labeled crazy? Seeing water destroy all you have known and loved. The very world around you changing before your eyes…

How would you / I cope with the transition of living on and in a floating zoo? Imagine the sounds and smells!

How would you deal with the thoughts of doubt, fear and family pressures and the kids shouting ‘are we there yet?’ Even though Noah didn’t know where ‘there’ actually is.

God reminds Noah and every living creature of his promise – he will never flood the earth and wipe out mankind again! To do this God designs a rainbow, a sign that God will not forgot his promise not just to Noah but to all who live upon the earth and for the generations to come.

As we move into 2011 do you feel that you are in the place of wondering has God remembered? Has circumstances and emotions overtaken the truth of his promises in your life. Collectively & individually God has spoken promises to us all… What promise is God reminding you of? I believe His Spirit would say ‘I have not forgotten You and My promise’.

We see here in this passage God called Noah to step out in faith and obedience even when the world around him thinks he’s crazy! Noah is a worshipper! He rises above his circumstances even though the very World around him is changing he pursues faith and obedience even when he’s not too sure where he is headed.

Where is the Spirit of God calling and challenging you and I to trust, to rise above even in faith, obedience and in worship to the Father even if like Noah that makes us look a bit crazy too? God is faithful and all his promises are yes and amen, today let’s be encouraged lets choose to worship… Lets choose to remember God has not forgotten!


E100 Intro

E100 is a Bible Reading Challenge that leads you through 100  Essential Bible passages on a daily basis. Over the next 4 months, the Scripture Union NI staff and volunteers will take up this challenge for themselves. This blog will be the place where they share their thoughts, reflections and key points that stand out for them on this journey.

We would love you to take up this challenge for yourself and join us throughout this process. It would be even better to hear from you and have you as part of this conversation, so please leave your own comments on the posts that will appear.

Also, please be aware that a joint E100 venture for young people across ministries, agencies and denominations in Ireland will be launched in October with additional resources and online commentary from local bible teachers. More details to follow.

Above all, let’s ask God to reveal more of His truths to us throughout this adventure.